Announcement of Alterations to The 52nd Annual Meeting in Response to New Coronavirus Infection

May 12, 2020

Announcement of Alterations to The 52nd Annual Meeting
in Response to New Coronavirus Infection


Japan Society for Medical Education, President, Yasuyuki Suzuki, MD, PhD
The 52nd Annual Meeting, President Yoshifumi Kawano, MD, PhD


There is no doubt that JSME members and those who were planning to attend the meeting are now taking on a great deal of social responsibility due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Under these circumstances, the Kagoshima University School of Medicine has been carefully discussing with the Society's Board of Directors and all concerned parties since March, on how to hold the 52nd Annual Meeting. We finally have taken the decision that the academic meeting in Kagoshima City is to be cancelled, and the meeting will be held in the following format in order to keep opportunities for presenting more than 450 abstracts and various plans already submitted; and facilitate updating and progress of medical education. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation with our difficult decision in this unexpected situation.

Information on the general meeting of employees (Board of Delegates) will be posted on the website of the Society (

1) Academic meeting: The meeting scheduled for the Kagoshima Prefecture People's
Exchange Center (Kagoshima City) will not be held.

2)Plenary lectures and symposia: Recorded guest lectures will be delivered on-demand on the members-only page of the Society's website, which all JSME members can access. Presentations of symposia will be available on the same website as pdf files. Special lectures will be open to the public. All lectures and symposia will be accessible from July 18 until October 17, 2020.

3)Workshops: The accepted workshops will be published as "workshop proposal" in the Proceedings. The actual workshop will not be held.

4)Abstracts (including international sessions): Accepted abstracts will be published in the Proceedings.

5)The Proceedings will be delivered to the personal and institutional JSME members in mid-July. If you are a non-member and would like to purchase a copy, please contact the Conference Secretariat or the Operations Preparation Office.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the Convention Secretariat or the Operations Preparation Office.